about me

A bit about me: Well, I am a mother of two terrific boys, 19 and 23. Being a country girl though n' through, I married a dairy man. I am married to my best friend, who treats me like a princess, yep, I admit he spoils me! I am also a daycare mom of 8 little tots! I know you are thing "8?!" Yes, they are a lot of work, but they are sooo worth it! I love the dickens out of them!
 I was born with craftiness in my blood! Both my parents are very creative ,and I guess the "scraps" didn't fall far from the "scissors!" I love to work on anything creative, although scrapbooking is my all-time favorite!
 Some of my other interests include browsing through antique shops...I love vintage, gardening and canning, baking, reading, and just hanging out with my guys.
I am the shy, quiet type...most of the time :) I am a weird mix of girly girl and tom boy. Pedicures are awesome, but I'm not afraid to dip my pretty toes in a puddle or two! Pretty much, I am just the girl next door.