Wednesday, September 30, 2009

exciting news!!

Whoa Baby!! I made it!! Me! Little ’ole me!!

A huge thank you to everyone cheering me on, and to Von, my new Captain!!

What a great honor it is to announce that I have been selected to design for!!! I am speechless, and floating on cloud 9! Someone’s going to have to toss me a life preserver to keep me grounded for a few days!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some eye candy for you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bummer news….I’ve been eliminated from the Big Scrapper House Contest. I’m standing in the background cheering on the last two ladies standing. They have a super tough challenge this week, but they both met that challenge head on and are doing an awesome job! Go Barbara and Kelly!! I can’t wait to see what else the producers have in store of us, and how the winners will be chosen! So many fun twists in this game!!

Mark your calanders!! October 23-25. After we take a bit of a rest from the grand Finale, we are going to have a big crop! I can’t wait!! I always have the best time at the LP crops!! The Design Team always has awesome challenges, games, and make n’ takes!!!

Only two more days until the new challenge is posted at ScrapFit! Who wants a sneak peak?!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whew! I made it through one more round in the BSH contest at life preservers! I am sooo sad to see so many eliminated this week. I don't know...I am really struggling with the journaling for this week! Yikes!

Here are some of my creations from last week for the contest! I had done so many layout over the past weeks that I decided it was time for a switch! I altered a couple dollar frames I picked up at Michaels‘, and one I had picked up on clearance for 5 bucks! Don’t you love the scrolly stuff on that one!

The flower here looks black or blue in the photo, but it was actually made with two tone purple paper! I then sprayed it with frost glimmer mist. Very pretty, IRL! The green paper is out of the September card kit from Life Preservers Scrapbook Club.

Can you believe that I only paid $1 a piece for these frames! That's the way I like to shop!!

Everything on this is out of the August card kit from Life Preservers Scrapbook Club except the trim, brads, and ink.

Whose up for a blog hop!! ScrapFit is taking part in a blog hop on Friday! Each challenge blog will be doing a fun mini challenge and giving away prizes!! Come back Friday for the event posting!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So, are you waiting to hear the contest results??


I WON!!!

Can you believe it?! I can't!!!

I am still in a bit of shock!

Never in a million years did I think I could make it to the end. Leslie’s challenges were so inspirational. This contest took me on such an unexpected journey. Not only did it make me stretch my comfort zone, I was pushed to think outside the box. Along the way I have learned a lot about myself as a scrapper and as a person. The journaling prompts made me dig deeper within myself that I usually dare to go. Journaling…. Well, that is something I’ve never felt comfortable with, but this contest brought out an ability in me that I didn’t know I had. Over the weeks I have received so many wonderfully touching comments and pm’s that have literally brought me to tears. There truly are no words to express my gratitude and how touched I’ve been by this experience.

Huge congrats to Lisa and Rita!! You work is so fabulous and so inspirational!! Everyone who participated in this contest should be proud. Each week the creations were just fantastic.

Huge Huge Huge thank you to Leslie, the DT, and everyone at Treasured Scrapbooking!!

Big Congrats to my friend SnapWhiz who won the Second Chance contest!! WTG!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I’m here I’m here!!

It’s a little late, but here is Challenge #4 for

Workout #4 No Peeps
All you have to do is a LO with picture(s) of anything BUT people and you need to use some Cosmo Cricket products in your LO!!

Here is my lo:

Guess who is sponsoring the prize this week! That’s right! Cosmos Cricket has donated a super scraplicious prize!! A complete Earth Love crafting kit!

Just scrap away and link your work to the Scrapfit blog to get your name in to win!!

Good Luck!

On to other matters.

Who wants to play a game?! Guess how many fingernails I have left!! It has been a loooong week of hurry up and wait! BUT tomorrow The winners of the Scrap Hunt will be announced at Treasured Scrapbooking!

Now, I am off to pack. I am headed to the Scrapfest at the Mall of America!! I am sooo excited! What a great way to end a tension filled week!

Monday, September 14, 2009

glub glub, gasping for air!

Wow! What a wild and crazy scrappy week it’s been! Talk about tension and pressure!! The final layout for the TS contest is due today! Tomorrow is the deadline for the LP Design team call. AND our challenge for the LP contest this week is to scap all we can for points!! I still need to post last weeks BSH layout but I want to make a couple alterations so it won’t happen until later in the week!

Here is my final lo for the Treasured Scrapbooking contest!

One photo
Orange - button, ink, flowers
Green - button, ink, pp (leaves)
Two different alpha in title
5 buttons exactly
“if I could change one thing about myself…”

Journaling reads:
Lord, when I look at my reflection in the mirror, I see so many flaws. What I lack in height, I more than make up for around my middle. My face is too round, and my hair too shaggy. The more age becomes apparent, the longer my list grows. The deeper I look into my heart and soul, the more imperfections I wish I would outgrow. I sometimes have difficulty remembering that You created me as I am, a 100% unique design. There are so many things that I don’t like about me. I struggle with who I am as a person. You loved me even before I was born. You
gave me certain qualities so that I may serve a specific purpose. If I could change one thing about myself, I would have a hard time passing the opportunity. But those modifications would alter the person who you intended me to be. Help me accept myself, and to grow to see myself as the shining masterpiece as seen through your eyes. I struggle with remembering that I am important. Even the sparrow is cared for under your watchful eye.

“Why should I feel discouraged. Why should the shadows come. Why
should my heart feel lonely. And long for heaven and home. When Jesus
is my portion. A constant friend is He . His eye is on the sparrow. And I
know He watches over me. His eye is on the sparrow. And I know He
watches me. I sing because I'm happy. I sing because I'm free. His eye is on
the sparrow. And I know He watches me (He watches me). His eye is on the
sparrow. And I know He watches. I know He watches. I know He watches me.”

All papers and elements were inked and distressed.

To create the orange flowers, I cut scalloped circles then snipped petals. I lightly brushed on orange distress ink, gradually getting heavier on the ends in some areas. I finished by lightly brushing on hot pink ink, adding a flower and brad.

The denim flower - I cut denim from Dh’s old pants into circles. I cut a smaller circle of lace, then added a flower and button.

The branch was cut from cardboard. I then glued on the burlap. I frayed the edges and inked with distress ink.

The bird is grunge board covered with corduroy. Again, I frayed the edges. I added a pearl for the eye, and a bit of trim for the wing.

I hand wrote the tag and inked.

The leaves -I stamped two types of leaves onto pattern paper then cut them out and inked. The other type was cut from cardstock and pattern paper using the cricut. I then inked those also, finishing with the emboss folder

I strung the beads by hand onto wire so that I could pose them how I wanted them.

I embossed the heart on the journaling tab

Thank you for your support, and best wishes! Keep your fingers crossed for me!! It could be a couple looooong days before they post the winner!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

simply stunned!!

As I have been competing in the TS contest, each week the contestants have put forth great effort in their creations. All of the lo’s have been absolutely fabulous , soooo inspirational, and just left me in awe! Such amazing talent! This contest has been a fabulous experience. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. Never in a million years did I expect to announce that I am one of 3 moving to the final round!
Thank you so much for your support, encouraging words, and best wishes. One more time, cross your fingers and wish me luck as I work toward our final deadline!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Who's ready for a sneak peak?!

Reminder, just a few more days to get your entery in for the ScrapFit prize!!

Here is a sneak peak!

I love distressing!!

I really had no idea where I was going with my TS challenge, when I sat down. Once I got going, the ideas just came flowing! I love it when that happens! Makes creating such a sweet treat! I have to say, whether win or lose, I really like how this one turned out!

just a reminder, click on the photo to enlarge if you want to see the details.

Title - "This Day"
- one picture - 5x7
- 2 chipboard embellishments -Star, chipboard button, and grunge board leaf
- ink- masking, stamping, and distressing of photo, all embellishments, cs, and all pattern papers
- at least one brad -metal love brad on star, and two holding hardware
- 3 different ribbons -jute, black stripe, black gingham, blue gingham
- journaling including the words "this day..."

As I write, I am trying to adjust...trying to face the fact that my baby will be 16 tomorrow. I know that you have waited for this day for a long time, but I am just not ready yet. I miss the little guy that would snuggle up on my lap and fill me with slobbery kisses. How you would just fly in the door hollering “love you mom,” escaping as quickly as you entered. The weed bouquets picked on a whim were much more elegant than any store bought roses. You climbed this tree hundreds of times. I would have such a fit, afraid that you would fall out. You always worked so hard and I felt that you were cheating yourself out of being a kid. You are that same sweet little guy in a much bigger body. I’ve watched you grow and mature. I’ve seen your interests change to suit you. You are confident in who you are, not willing to compromise that for anyone. You’ve endured hardships beyond your years. I am so proud of the young man you have grown into. As much as I miss this little guy. I look forward to seeing what lies ahead. I have no doubt that you will handle what ever life brings you, with grace and dignity. You will overcome the obstacles in your path. With your strong sense of determination and strength, you will become all you dream and more.
As you have grown, so have the size of your toys, your stunts, and your dreams. I’m trying my darndest to keep up, but moms just take a little longer I guess. So, if you see tears in my eyes, remember that this day is not an easy one for me, but like before, humor me, I will adjust.

I created my own mask and inked some stars onto the background.

For the star near the center, I stitched the star shape onto the background paper, overlapping the photo a bit. I then cut out the center of the star with a craft knife. I inked the edges of the cutout. I placed a piece of pp on the backside of the background pp covering the hole.

I inked the edges of the photo. I really didn’t know if this was going to work, but I think it gave it a really cool effect!

I painted the star, then inked for the distress look. I inked the leaf with green, then did the edges in brown. I also inked the edges of the button, stamp, and “sales slip." Using the crop-a-dile, I punched a hole in the star for the brad(love)

For the letters, I left them plain natural, and just stamped the image.

Crossing my fingers, hoping to make it to the final round!

Featuring LP Alternate kit

Well, I survived another week in the Big Scrapper House at Lifepreservers!! The “producers” are starting to add more and more fun twists! This week we were to chose door #1,2, or 3, Meaning we were choosing our own destination, without knowing what was behind the door. I really lucked out! I chose a door that did not give me immunity, but I was safe from eviction! My challenge for the week was to use a recycled product on my lo! Perfect for the recycling master!! I created this tree from cardboard, and the leaves from the Mountain Dew bottle were so fun to make, I just had to create some more!!
The cardstock, pattern papers, and stickers were from the August Alternate Kit at

Coming soon… My layout from the TS contest. The dead line is tonight. Will I move on to the final round?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Can you belive it?!

I am flabbergasted!!!
I am moving forward in both contests! I never imagined I would still be in either contest at this point, and I am in the running in both!! Wohoo! But, we are getting that much closer to the end, which means the pressure is on!! It’s going to be another fun scrappy week!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another crazy scrappy week!

Can you believe it is the 1st of September all ready?! Where did August go!! Oh ya! I was scrappin’ away!! I did 10 layouts and 2 cards! I am such a slow scrapper that it has to be a record for me!

September 1st means there is a new challenge posted on today! Pop on over and see what my teammates have created.

Here is your challenge...
Follow this routine to a T
1. use 3 patterned papers
2: use 1 solid cardstock
3: hide your journaling
4: use at least 2 photos
5: use at least 1 star in your LO
6: use at least 2 different ribbons

I had to try out my new Herringbone emboss folder. Love that one!! It is perfect for all my masculine pages.

Last night was the deadline for round #4 on my TS contest. I made it in under the wire with two minutes to spare!! Whew ! My heart was pounding! That is way to close for my comfort! Hurry up and wait! We will find out this afternoon/evening who moves on and who’s been eliminated. Cross your fingers for me!

Layout must include:
- one picture only
- at least 3 leaves (can be an embellishment, stamped, handmade, cut from paper, real leaves etc)
- stitching - machine or hand stitching (no stamps, rubons or stickers)
- some recycled piece of packaging - plastic, hang tag, price tag, cardboard, etc. (describe in your description if it's not evident what you used)
- journaling of at least 50 words including "I am not willing to..."

Journaling reads:
What?! Two boys and no girls?! I love kids, and I always looked forward to my
babysitting jobs. I was ready to be a mom. I really didn’t care if my babies were boys or girls, be it dresses, dollies, and pigtails or dirt, trucks, and frogs. But nothing in this world could have prepared me for the two of you! The unimaginable that the two of would think of! The dangerously crazy things you‘ve done! Behind all of the extreme boyishness, you are both so sweetly sincere, over protective of your family and friends, and all around fun loving. All this time I thought it was me who was to be your teacher, and guide you into life. But in time, I can see that you have taught me so much more, and expanded my world to a place that I never would have explored on my own. It is a good thing that you gave me time to learn and to adjust a bit at a time. I have even learned to appreciate your worlds of gun infatuation, military, and tattoos, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, and paintballs! There is definitely no girliness in my world. No pink dancing princess with pigtails. No glitz, glamour, and bling. But I’m not willing to trade one minute of my life with you in exchange for a daughter!

I stitched the grid background.

From the photo I used :
Mt Dew bottle - leaves (I cut leaf shapes from the plastic and melted them with a heat gun to form a little texture
Orange pop case - leaves
Manila envelope - leaves (wet, scrunched, and inked)
Unionbay tag - leaves
Urban Pipline tag - I used the string for the apple stems
Prima packaging - the layer around the photo
Hollister shopping bag - leaves , burgundy layer (inside of bag), journaling strips (outside of bag)and basket ( I unraveled the handle and used the burgundy layer for leaves, and the kraft layer to weave the basket)
Another tag was used to make the strip and handles on the basket, but I don’t remember the brand name

Whew! Not only did I make it through another week in our BSH contest at Lifepreservers, I won a prize!! Wohoo! $10 off a future order. It’s a good thing to because Von has some awesome kits coming up in October. I finally had it narrowed down to two but really couldn’t make up my mind. Now I will just get them both! My challenge for the week is to scrap some recycling! Think I have that one mastered now!! He he I am off to dig in the recycling bin to see what else I can find!!