Monday, September 7, 2009

Featuring LP Alternate kit

Well, I survived another week in the Big Scrapper House at Lifepreservers!! The “producers” are starting to add more and more fun twists! This week we were to chose door #1,2, or 3, Meaning we were choosing our own destination, without knowing what was behind the door. I really lucked out! I chose a door that did not give me immunity, but I was safe from eviction! My challenge for the week was to use a recycled product on my lo! Perfect for the recycling master!! I created this tree from cardboard, and the leaves from the Mountain Dew bottle were so fun to make, I just had to create some more!!
The cardstock, pattern papers, and stickers were from the August Alternate Kit at

Coming soon… My layout from the TS contest. The dead line is tonight. Will I move on to the final round?

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