Friday, July 10, 2009

Wohoo! I am sooo excited to see the sun shining brightly this morning! The kids have been incredibly accepting of the fact that the rain has left us confined to the house every morning this week. Although we distracted ourselves with the trusty old stand by’s…play dough, puzzles, etc. … I'm not sure who is more eager to head to the sandbox, them or me! :o)

As promised, here is some eye candy. Actually, I'm not sure how sweet it is. I've been in a creative slump the past couple weeks. It appears my mojo has left on summer vacation. I hope it returns soon, it is greatly missed. Somehow things don't always work out on paper like they do in my head! Occasionally they come out better, but unfortunately there are those occasions where you wonder where you went wrong! This is one of those times. Well, you be the judge!


DoubleL said...

I love it!!
Looks soooo good!!

Sandra said...

OMG Jodi, your blog is fabulous!! I love the country feel to it - my kinda stuff!! Your layout is gorgeous - but that don't surprise rock!! LOVE IT!!