Friday, October 30, 2009

How about an early treat!

With my son overseas, I wanted to do a little extra something for he and his buddies this year. I realize the little package itself isn’t much, but I wanted them to know that someone would take the time to do something special just for them. While grocery shopping, I came across a large box of Spongebob Squarepants fruit snacks. Okay, so the guys are a bit old for fruit snacks, but I knew it would make them smile and lighten the air for a bit!! I made up 30 of these cute little treat bags…I sent 24 over for them to share.
As soon as the little treats arrived, my son emailed to tell me that they all appreciated the homemade goody, and they really got a kick out of the fact that I had tucked in Spongebob! By coincedence, while confined to the ship lately, they had been watching a series of Spongebob episodes! Too fun!

Stop back tomorrow for more Halloween surprises!!


SnapWhiz said...

These treats are so awesome! I can't get over how cute they are and how you did SO many of them! Rock on!!

Lydia Siegel said...

Those bags came out really cute! How neat is that. Spongebob! I wonder how many burst out in singing the theme song....hahahaha