Thursday, July 11, 2013

June Tutorail for My Creative Scrapbook

Hello!  Manufactures are great about making so many fun matching elements to add to our projects I love to see how I can make those elements stretch, and what I can turn them into! I want to share with you how I took a banner sticker and made it into a fun flag for my layout!
  I dug in my stash and found a toothpick for the “flagpole,” black paint, and a black pearl.
 A fun tip…Using a Q-tip, I add baby powder to the back of the sticker so the adhesive is no longer sticky making it easier to work with the sticker.

 I painted the toothpick black.

Once the paint has dried I apply a glue line to the back of the sticker and add my toothpick.

Flip over and add peal to the top of the “pole!”

Here it is tucked into my layout!

Thanks for stopping by!!


scrappingnana said...

Love how you made the cute banner with the toothpick. It looks great on your fabulous layout.

Kailee B said...

Very cute idea!