Monday, August 24, 2009


And the plot thickens as we play the waiting game to see who moves forward to round #4! Our challenge this week was:
- paint
- at least one hand-made flower (made by YOU) - can be made out of paper, fabric, felt...whatever.
- 1 or 2 photos (no more, no less)
- Include the words "I'd rather..." in your journaling - make it long or short as you like.

I printed my photo onto cardstock so that it looks like canvas.

I hand cut some of the flowers from burlap then inked the edges with Tim Holtz distress inks.
The other flowers are hand cut from the flat side of a milk jug (seriously!) I cut the plastic from the milk jug into flower shapes, embossed them with my cuttlebug, then painted the backside so that the paint would go into the embossed groves, and wiped off the excess paint.

The title block was cut using the Cricut. I stitched the edged, dry brushed on some green paint, and added a rubon. I embossed the letters with the cuttlebug, sanded and inked the edges, and finished them off with some homemade glimmer mist ( thanks to my best friend ever!)

I printed the journaling on a transparency, then dry brushed paint on the back. I ended up covering more of the photo than I would have liked, but I still like the end results.

The journaling reads:
I am a country girl through and through. I know my parents would laugh to know that I loved living on the farm as a kid. I dreamt of the day I would marry a farmer and have a house full of kids of my own. Luckily for me, I met, and married the most magnificent man....a farmer. Gorgeous sunsets sprawling across the land. Sitting on the front step watching the stars with only crickets disturbing the silence. Stomping in springtime mud puddles...of course not when the kids were watching! How I loved having a garden. Even more, I loved canning. Watching the pantry fill knowing that it came from the labor of my hands. How I loved to work in the fields, driving tractor...the smell of the freshly turned soil. I even have to admit my love for the cows, and helping in the milking barn. Working side by side. I guess God has other plans for me. I know that he is using my illness for his purpose, though I don't see it now...and maybe never will. I really don't try to understand it. What an honor it is to know that he deems me strong enough to carry this load. I have come to accept it for what it is. I try my best to serve in the way he has chosen for me. I accept it. I deal with it. But yes, it is frustrating. I do get tired of being sick. I miss out on a lot. I do have my occasional pity party. I try my best to not let it bring me down. But some days, it really is only with the strength of the Lord that I carry this burden. I am so incredibly fortunate to have a husband and boys who are so understanding of the situation. But I really hate that I can't be at the farm side by side with them. Sometimes I feel so guilty knowing they are working so hard and here I sit. I know that it isn't my fault, and I understand that there is nothing I can do to change our situation. But sometimes, it makes me feel like a failure as a mother, and a wife. I am very blessed to have found a nice house that works for me in such a wonderful neighborhood. Who could ask for better neighbors?! I am privileged to have been able to establish a successful business here. Honestly, I miss my guys. I miss the farm. Really...with all my heart, I'd rather go home.

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SnapWhiz said...

Loving this! Such a fantastic use of recycled items and the extra touches are wonderful. You Go Girl!!