Sunday, August 16, 2009

I know I am dating myself here!

Well, here is my entry for round #2 !

Our requirements were:
Layout must include:
- at least 3 pictures
- 4 different patterned papers (no more, no less)
- 2 colors of cardstock (no more, no less)
- at least one arrow
- buttons or beads
- must have journaling that includes..."If I were honest with myself...". It can be as long or as short as you like but must include those words.
- must be an original design - no sketches please!

I stepped outside my comfort zone on this one! I haven’t decided if I like how it turned out….not sure that it portrays the feel that I was striving for, maybe that’s it.

Like how I doodled the arrow, heart, and flower?! They actually turned out better than I had hoped! I sanded the black cardstock to reveal some white and used a glaze pen to doodle in the word "totally." Love that glaze pen! That is also the pen I used to doodle in the black checks.

How about the laces with the friendship beads…they were a must-have on here!

Who didn’t have a belt, or a half dozen?! I couldn’t pass on adding some “Madonna” lace and netting (mesh)!

The journaling reads:

An 80’s teen! Our clothing was gnarly, dude….Not! Oversized shirts w/shoulder pads, big gaudy belts, stirrup pants, and parachute pants, scrunched socks and jelly shoes. Don’t forget to top off the look with mega makeup and some totally radical chunky jewelry. Big hair….AquaNet…..need I say more?! We looked totally awesome! Well, at least we were comfy!! Seriously, It was a great era to grow up in. We were freer to express ourselves with out being ostracized. Communication had a whole different meaning. Families ate together and played together. Fun with your bff’s was packing as many people as you could in a car and heading to the Drive-in movie, or the local dance. Laws were freer. People seemed to be more sincere. Maybe it was just the stage I was at in life, that made the world seem that way. Maybe it was the way my parents raised us. McDonalds launched the chicken McNugget. Apple sold the 1st Mac. Boombox and Memorex. Rubik‘s cube. If I were honest with myself, I would have to say that being an ‘80s teen was like toooh-tally awesome!

Hope you enjoyed the trip through time! Thanks for stopping by!

p.s. I saw the typo on my journaling tag after all was said and done! But, I decided, it just wouldn’t be me without at least one typo!!

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Nicole said...

WOW!! This layout looks great. I love the mesh & friendship beads. You did an awesome job. Love the pictures! :)